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Mutation of growth hormone receptor gene in men found to lengthen lifespan
A team of researchers with member affiliations in the U.S., France and Israel has found that a mutation in a growth hormone receptor gene can make some men live longer
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Promising New Cancer Drugs Won’t Go Far Unless Everyone Gets Genetic Testing
Loxo Oncology is developing a so-called “tumor agnostic” drug that requires expensive genetic testing often not covered by insurance.
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8 Genetic Mutations That Can Give You 'Superpowers'

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8 Genetic Mutations That Can Give You 'Superpowers'
More than 99 percent of your genetic information is exactly the same as every other person on the planet. Your genes determine your skin colour, sex, and hair colour and whether or not you have certain genetic diseases.
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CRISPR Gene-Editing Can Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations
Uh oh... Now researchers have found evidence that the unwanted mutations brought on by CRISPR in living animals could be a more widespread than we thought.
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Teasing apart the effects of higher mutation load on fitness
As animals increasingly acquire interacting mutations that result in loss of gene function, the relative decline in their fitness may only be exacerbated, a new study in humans and fruit flies suggests.
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