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Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory, protects brain against Alzheimer's
The Mediterranean diet is associated with a variety of health benefits, including a lower incidence of dementia. Now, researchers have identified a specific ingredient that protects against cognitive decline: extra-virgin olive oil. In a new study, the researchers show that consumption of extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and learning ability and reduces the formation of amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain -- classic markers of Alzheimer's disease.
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Parkinson’s and Autoimmunity Strongly Linked in New Study
Bits of a protein that builds up in Parkinson’s disease trigger the immune system, causing it to tag them as foreign invaders.
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The Fertility Doctor Trying to Commercialize Three-Parent Babies
A startup called Darwin Life says it will use a controversial fertility technique to help forty-somethings get pregnant for $100,000.
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Scientists shed light on the tight connection between mental and physical health
New research led by Distinguished Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett "really breaks down the barrier between mind and body,” says Barrett.
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Antibiotic doxycycline may offer hope for treatment of Parkinson's disease
Doxycycline, an antibiotic used for over half a century against bacterial infections, can be prescribed at lower doses for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, say researchers.
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The robodoc is in

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The robodoc is in
Robotics is changing every industry; but when it comes to healthcare, It’s advancing by leaps and bounds.
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Study on mice demonstrates the action of strawberries against breast cancer
Strawberry extract can inhibit the spread of laboratory-grown breast cancer cells, even when they are inoculated in female mice to induce tumors, new research shows. However, the scientists do point out that these results from animal testing can not be extrapolated to humans.
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Think brain games make you smarter? Think again, researchers say
Brain games marketed by the billion-dollar brain-training industry don't improve cognition or help prevent age-related brain decline, new research finds.
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With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger': study
Drinking a beetroot juice supplement before working out makes the brain of older adults perform more efficiently, mirroring the operations of a younger brain, according to a new study by scientists at Wake Forest University.
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Interval training exercise could be a fountain of youth
Looking for a fountain of youth? You may need to search no further than your sneakers. Exercise, particularly high-intensity interval training, encourages your cells to make more proteins to feed their energy-producing machinery -- and this arrests the aging process, according to a new study published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism.
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