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Vaccine that lowers cholesterol in mice offers hope of immunizing against cardiovascular disease
A vaccine to immunize people against high levels of cholesterol and the narrowing of the arteries caused by build-up of fatty material (atherosclerosis) may be possible following successful results in mice. Now, a phase I trial in patients has started to see if the findings translate to humans.
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Get to know the omentum: The apron of fat that protects your abdomen
The quirkiest organ in the human body may be a large sheet of fat that stretches over the intestines, liver, and stomach like an elastic apron. Sometimes called the 'policeman of the abdomen,' the omentum is known to secrete hormones related to obesity, and we're still learning new information about its functions. In a review, researchers discuss how the omentum is also an important immune organ.
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Popular belief that saturated fats clog up arteries 'plain wrong', say experts
The widely held belief among doctors and the public that saturated fats clog up the arteries, and so cause coronary heart disease, is just "plain wrong,"
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Scientists find molecule that inhibits fruit flies from overeating
Researchers are one-step closer to finding the ultimate weight loss treatment – a signal in the human body that stops us from overeating.
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Science shows that fat cells live longer than lean ones
For the first time, scientists have discovered a connection between a cell's fat content and its lifespan, which could explain the 'obesity paradox' that's been puzzling scientists for decades: why obese people have the lowest all-cause mortality rates, whereas the rate for those who are fit and lean is higher.
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